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TOURIST PROGRAM - The Return to nature

Neretva River with the green-yellow fields of the golden fruits of tangerines is a true divine beauty… The Richness of living in the fertile valley can not be measured only by material, human standards… Life in this picturesque oasis in the south is a gift from God.
At the heart of the centuries-old “NARENTA” Oasis, the prestigious Hotel Restaurant “Villa Neretva” is located on the main road Metković-Opuzen. This, widely known hotel-restaurant, offers his visitors arrangements that avakense long forgotten feeling of connection between man and nature…

Driving in a traditional Neretva vessel – lađa, will bring you closer to the beauty of the river and its lakes in the middle of the swamp, while enjoying local delicacies with local band music.

A Unique tourist attraction in this part of Europe that will take you all the way from mid-September and even to Christmas, to the endless fields of Mandarin and citrus, a special flavor and aroma, which you personally pick and taste.

Besides Fotosafari, visits to the Neretva house and the Mandarin harvest we offer our visitors daily, half day trips, School excursions, team building and incentive programs, as well as various family celebrations.

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