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"Neretva House" Taverne
Neretva Photosafari - Tourist Program

"Once you experience Neretva you"ll wish to come back as many before you ... "

The Most beautiful Gastro Fairytale of the Neretva !

"Neretva House" Taverne
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” Neretva house” Taverne is a marvelous place that you can reach only by river and it makes the Heart of the tourist offer by the famous Hotel restaurant “Villa Neretva”.
It is a favorite destination of many tourists who enjoy the beauty, tradition and gastronomic experience of the valley of the Neretva River. To all the guests of the Hotel Restaurant “Villa Neretva” we offer an unforgettable experience – Photosafari through the Neretva Valley.

The Photosafari is a unique tourist experience in which guests are driven by indigenous Neretva vessels from wich are some even a 100 years old.
Discover the places where once the ancient Illyrians, Greeks, Romans sailed, and the pirates of Neretva planned their raids of enemy galleys. Discover the allure of one of the last swamps on the European continent, its flora and fauna, the diversity of wild birds and the traditional lifestyle of the Neretva people.



“To be one step ahead, hospitality and smile at every stage. That's us, that's our offer and it is free of charge ! ”

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