pHotosafari - how we started...

gosp. Pavo Jerković

The founder of the Photosafari in Neretva, who for the first time (16.07.1996) organized the group arrival of tourists to the valley of the Neretva River on Photosafari Neretva River.

Historical photo of the first Photosafari through the valley of Neretva  16.07.1996.

“As a lover of challenges, I started something unknown in this area. On July 1996. – Our Lady of Carmel, I organized the first Photosafari through the valley of the Neretva River. This was the first organized arrival of tourists to these parts, and it occurred almost at the same time as the discovery of a Roman forum with 16 statues in ancient Narona, which enriched the tourist offer of this region.”

Throughout history...

When The first Photosafari was realized, we thought it would be great if we had 500 guests in the Neretva Valley, which we already exceeded in the first year. We did Not have enough of our own “lađa” to offer the enjoyment of photosafaria to a number of guests who were interested in it. In order to increase the number of boats, we went to rebuild the old ones who mostly slept at the bottom of the rivers and lakes of this region.

With the increasing number of guests, we developed our offer, educated more and expected new challenges with joy. Nothing happens overnight, and so does our success. By Achieving cooperation with reputable travel agencies from the country and the world, our program has been known by more and more guests who wanted to experience the life of Neretva.

We have realized that we need to give people comfort and expand our offer. In This area there are exceptional benefits for the development of excursion tourism, which we have used. After the expansion of our “Lađa” fleet – , we have created research among tourists in order to find out what they would like and how we can expand our offer, aiming to satisfy every guest.

Most of the guests responded that they would like to dine somewhere on their photosafari trip.
And that is How the idea of the neretva house taverne become an actual project. The neglected “old lady” – over 100 years old- located in the village of Čović in Prevoznik was reborn after the renovation and the Neretva House Taverne became reality.

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